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New York commercial real estate is a competitive market and the owners of 386 Park Avenue South wanted to do something different with their property. They engaged us to reconsider their tenant experience with a focus on building amenities. They were looking to learn from the successes of the co-working spaces that were gaining attention and fans within the city, including Neuehouse and WeWork. At the time, WeWork was new to the city but had already drawn a lot of attention and followers. The owners of 386 wanted to consider a new approach to long term full-floor leases and bring a premium product to the market.


Our team began with research into the growing co-working model as well as the changing behaviors of commercial tenants in NYC. We presented a findings report to 386 which included some recommendations and ideas for their building. They then asked us to develop an identity for the building and a campaign for marketing the property. The owners also asked us to visualize some of the concepts we had discussed including a converted rooftop, a theater, and a dedicated tenant amenities floor. 

For the brand we focused on the zeros and ones common to technology and played upon the characteristics of the zeros/circles and ones/slashes in the numeral 3 8 6. This provided a unique identity and a pattern that could be leveraged across different media.


We launched the brand and campaign as they developed the experiential concepts. The campaign was a huge success with instant influx of inquiries. Within weeks they had inked new leases with one of the new tenants actually quoting a line from the messaging we developed for the campaign. The demand was so high that the owners made the decision to rent out the amenities floor and make smaller improvements in other aspects of the tenant experience.

Client: 386 Park Ave. South/ HSR Corp.
Industry: Hospitality/Real Estate
Services Provided:
  • Brand Creation & Management
  • Campaign
  • Website
  • Signage
  • Architectural Design
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