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EECU Granbury

Adapting a new experience to a small space.

We continued our work with EECU with the adaptation of the new experience concept to a small in-store footprint. See our concept branch here>. Our team explored a range of variations and engagement scenarios to maximize efficiency of the space while delivering on the new experience and design objectives. Key aspects of the adapted design include a large monitor on the exterior with visually engaging lifestyle content to grab attention. A single office is situated in the rear of the space. Two NCR ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines) are located on the left and casual advisory occur on the right. A number of architectural features were carried over from the concept branch, including the ITM cubbies, the clean modern ceiling and lighting, and the material palette. We chose to introduce a large brand blue surround as the facade and entry to the financial center with the intent to create a strong contrast to the surrounding grocery context and provide a bold brand presence for EECU.

Above is an early version, with a larger footprint, that situated the digital zone facing outward, and separate from the advisory branch activity. 

Client: EECU
Industry: Financial Services
Partner: Photography: Jonathan Zizzo (
Services Provided:
  • Customer Experience Strategy & Design
  • Store Design
  • Prototyping & Roll-out Consultation
  • Digital Content
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