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Furniture Design

We design custom furniture solutions to solve unique customer challenges. Shown here are a seating component system for our client ADDC, a unique circular booth for EECU, and a modular display stand for Eat Boutique’s forth-coming retail market.


A key challenge in the design of the new ADDC branch for their citizens was to resolve seating. They need a lot of seating, but it occupies a lot of space. Due to their aspirations we needed a more flexible seating system. We also pushed for a more gender-integrated arrangement, which required us to define separation in a new way. Our seating system allows for a range of layouts and scenarios and has a series of high and low components that creates varying private areas that create separation between other areas. This allows the citizens to find the level of privacy they prefer. The seating is also designed per a scale system that relates to the interior architecture. 


The EECU design is a unique series of block counter forms arranged in order and succession. We anted a flexible seating design that would fit with the block counter look but be able to introduce new shapes, zones, and varying degrees of privacy depending on the setup, space and components selected.

Eat Boutique

For the Eat Boutique Market we were asked to create a single merchandise display that could be fitted for whatever retailer chose to rent the space. We developed a minimal design that could accommodate nearly any merchandising scenario with a limited set of components.

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  • Furniture Design
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