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LG Life’s Good Studio


LG was struggling to define their brand in the challenging home appliance markets in Korea, Canada, Turkey, and India. People shop for home appliances with low frequency so there is always the challenge of being top of mind when they make a purchase, and in these particular markets the product selections are vast and showrooms tend to be crowded and chaotic. LG was seeking a new type of experience platform for HA shoppers that could exist as a stand alone flagship and be integrated into their existing showrooms.


Working in partnership with the shopper marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi X, we crafted the LG Studio concept as the targeted consumer’s connection to good living: a portal to the sources of information she needs to find solutions and inspiration in the areas that matter to her: 1. Fresh ideas and recipes for cooking healthy and delicious meals her family will love; 2. Smart home solutions that help her clean better and save time; 3. Latest fashion trends and the best way to care for garments and fabrics; 4. Reliable health and wellness advice to better protect her family; 5. Inspiration for home décor and space optimization; 6. Better-parenting guidelines as her children grow. We designed the studio as a place for creating and broadcasting content, which was then distributed online through a dedicated portal where people could access and exchange tips and ideas around home care and lifestyle. The space was both a platform for sales and for content production.


LG launched a pilot location and studio identity in South Korea and the Life’s Good Studio Youtube channel. Initial programming garnered online social attention and press and the studio was recognized as a success by LG. This project was completed in mid-2010, well before the recent explosion of social media content development. The solution was ahead of it’s time and the key implementation challenge was content management. We had identified this challenge during the project and built an architecture, procedures, and metrics for this effort, but at this time organizations were not prepared to commit the necessary resources. There has be a noticeable evolution in this thinking as evidenced by the significant investment today by organizations in the control, management, and production of content, as well as the infrastructure for its creation. The work we did for LG, while a bit early, has been foundational in our work since and allowed us, for the benefit of our clients, to be ahead of this movement.

Client: LG
Industry: Home Appliances
Partner: Saatchi & Saatchi X
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